EverGreen Homes, Inc. understands how daunting a building project can be. Whether you are considering building a brand new home or erecting a garage next to your home, designing a sound architectural plan for your construction job is of vital importance. At EverGreen Homes, we know not everyone is an architect or construction expert. This is why we strive to provide architectural and building services to most anyone requiring help designing and constructing the structure of their dreams. We know the Codes and We know how to make your home GREEN and efficient.

Sustainable design with Green construction is simple when using our ‘Green Building Matrix System’ that will Identify the components that are important to you in the specifics of your project. Know your project is designed right and efficently the FIRST time. Avoid costly mistakes and know your structure is designed & built for the FUTURE with comfort and energy efficiency. A cost study conducted shows minimal increases in upfront costs of 2% to support GREEN Design resulted in life-cycle savings on average of 20%. -more than 10 times the initial investment.

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