Enjoy these Photos from some of our Remodel projects. The key here is to spot what has been done to the homes pictured. Most, if not all, of what is viewed in these photos is remodeled or updated. Can you spot the “new elements” in each photo?? Contact us to find out how we can help you modify your home and NOT have it look like an ‘after thought’. Our creativity and knowledge of materials and fashion will  give you the expertise you need to update or expand you current home.

Bring in YOUR Ideas and let us help you evaluate them to help you refresh your home for the future.

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Web Pictures

Adkins Res_003 Adkins Res_004 Adkins Res_008 McMillen-3-5-2005_0737 McMillen-3-5-2005_07372 McMillen-3-5-2005_07375 McMillen-3-5-2005_07379 McMillen-3-5-2005_073718