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EverGreen Construction prides itself on finding affordable solutions to help make your environment as beautiful as you envision it.  There are several ways of cutting costs without compromising quality. There are so many different options available on today’s market and we are confident we can help you  see your dream come true without leaving you with an empty wallet.

If you are planning to have a house or business building built from scratch, blueprints drawn up by a licensed Idaho Architect are required. Blueprints aren’t  only about ensuring the structure is sound and will not collapse, they serve to direct the plumbers and electricians as to where to run pipes and wires, and are required to ensure the house is safe from hazards and other problems which may end up saving you from spending more money  on costly future repairs.

We can also  help you from day one with finding the right mortgage lending, real estate, and land needs.

At EverGreen we pride ourselves in finishing quality projects that are energy efficient,  demonstrate skillful craftsmanship, using high quality and durable finishes.  We work with our subcontractors to be competitive on pricing and knowledgeable on current building practices.  As a team we can provide Architectural and Interior Design services in-house, or work with outside consultants.

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